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Traditional Burgundy spirits and wines Prunelle Naltet

"Everything you need for a good night's sleep" was how Prunelle Naltet was described when its stoneware jug was recycled as a hot-water bottle! Today, this same Prunelle is still served after Burgundian banquets, but is also finding increasing numbers of enthusiasts throughout France and even abroad. Enjoyed as a cocktail or digestif, Prunelle Naltet is a liqueur made from the maceration of wild sloe pits. Its sweetness and almond notes make it a popular end-of-meal sweet.

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Consumption range : As soon as bottled and without date limit.

Serving temperature : At room temperature.

Recipe: The recipe was developed in 1842 by Thomas Naltet, distiller in Chalon sur Saône.

Ingredients : sloe kernel maceration, alcohol, sugar, coloring (caramel E150a).

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